TrackTill is Now a Yetter MFG Product

Date: 05.10.2015 | Agriculture Concepts | Track Till

Agriculture Concepts is excited to announce that TrackTill is now a Yetter Manufacturing product.

After several years of great results on planters, TrackTill with Yetter’s efforts can now expand to better meet customer’s needs.

Yetter Manufacturing, a company committed providing innovative and profitable products to growers across the country, has state of the art manufacturing capabilities coupled with years of experience in the planter attachment industry. Some of the innovative solutions Yetter currently offers are the Air Adjust row cleaners, precision fertilizer placement, and bulk seed handling. TrackTill is an excellent fit for Yetter and aligns well with their mission to create profitable solutions. Learn more about Yetter at

TrackTill is planter attachment proven to eliminate soil compaction caused during planting and increase center row yields up to 8 bushels per acre. Agriculture Concepts decision to offer TrackTill through Yetter is driven by the underlying goal that it will benefit current and future TrackTill customers, through lower costs, better product support, increased quality, and more equipment compatibility. Learn more about TrackTill at

Founder of Agriculture Concepts, Colin Hurd states, “Pinch row compaction from heavy equipment is a serious problem and many farms are still discovering the implications of it on their bottom line. This fact is at the core of our decision to offer TrackTill through Yetter. TrackTill by Yetter will allow more growers to access a wider range of compaction solutions that better fit their specific needs.”

For more information, contact:
Colin Hurd, Agriculture Concepts,
Derek Allensworth, Yetter Manufacturing,

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