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The weight of equipment driving through the field compacts soil with every pass. The physical properties of compacted soils are altered, causing changes in bulk density. These changes destroy the space for roots, air, nutrients and water – all essential components for healthy plant growth and yield.

Major compaction issues have been seen with center fill planters.  A study conducted by DuPont has shown up to an 11.3-bushel yield loss in the center section of the planter. Other research has shown losses ranging from 20-60 bushels per acre.

TrackTill is a patented technology developed in 2012 by Agriculture Concepts. Yetter is the exclusive manufacturer of TrackTill supplying it to Yetter Dealers nation wide. TrackTill is designed to eliminate wheel track or pinch row compaction caused during planting. Research conducted by Iowa State University in 2013 has shown a 8.12 bushel increase in the center rows, a 6.5% increase in corn plant height and a 16% reduction in compaction when using TrackTill. Watch a demonstration of TrackTill in action and and calculate how quickly the investment in TrackTill can pay off below.

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Research Highlights

View the 2013 Iowa State Research

Currently Three models of TrackTill fit most planter types

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TrackTill FM 20/30The TrackTill Frame Mount 20 is designed to mount around the frame of planters with 20-22” and the TrackTill Frame Mount 30 is deigned to mount around planters with a 30″ row spacing both with forward positioned transport wheels. The kit includes fully adjustable pneumatic down pressure, 4 TrackTill mounting assemblies with attached vertical tine tillage rollers, each roller has 3 sets of 10” tines per roller and all the necessary hardware for trouble free installation. Furthermore, each mounting assembly comes with its own TDR aluminum cased air cylinder designed to raise or lower the rollers on demand and apply consistent down pressure in the toughest field conditions. The easy to install kit simply bolts around the planter’s 7×7 frame, positioning the tine rollers directly behind the planter’s wheels.

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TrackTill CM 30: The TrackTill Central Mount kit is designed to mount around the central frame of planters with 30” row spacing. Equipped with the same vertical tine tillage system as the FM model, you can count on outstanding compaction relief and runoff reduction. The CM kit includes 4 hydraulic down pressure cylinders, 4 mounting assemblies and attached vertical tine tillage rollers, each roller consisting of 3 sets of 10” tines per roller and an integrated fully adjustable hydraulic down pressure system, The vertical tillage system mounts to a toolbar behind the planter’s rear wheels and fits between closing wheels on the row units.  The fully adjustable down pressure system ensures exceptional compaction relief and weight offset in every soil condition. Linked to the planter’s lift  hydraulics, the tines will raise and lower with the row units. This model has been tested to fit John Deere 1770 and 1775 NT planters but can be adapted to most planters with transport wheels positioned between the row units.

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Jul 23, 2015 by Brent Johnson

Colin was very helpful when issues came up.

Customer Support

Jul 23, 2015 by Brad Williams

Great Customer Support with any issues that arose. Made problems seem less stressful

TrackTill works

Jun 08, 2015 by Caleb Hawbaker

Great Product. Got a lot of Rain and saw that my field compared to others around me had less standing water.

TrackTill is efficient

Jun 08, 2015 by Lowell Garret

TrackTill is very efficient because you don’t even know its back there and it causes no problems while planting.

Agriculture Concepts , USA 4.3 5.0 4 4 Colin was very helpful when issues came up.